Chona 2 stirs up society's contradictions | movie theater

Sacrifice is understood as the act of devouring the tasty, crispy and fatty skins of the roast pork, also sacrificed on the rod, which lacks as much elegance and delicacy as the synonyms associated with the animal: pork, pork and pig.

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The contradictions hide the portrait of a society whose national monster is a disproportionately grown sow, behind a formula from a scientist who wanted to make a profit from the animal's production. Three decades later, the pig has returned in revenge for his pig community's overconsumption, this time driven by the scientist's son, a science teacher.

Chona, the Murderous Pig 2, available in local cinemas, contains the ironies of everyday Puerto Rican life between laughter and action. The sequel to the first television film in 1990 embraced satire through a script contextualized in the present. Serious issues such as the lack of opportunities in local cinema, the use of police violence, masculinities and labor exploitation are also addressed. Comedy always cushions unpleasant realities.


Local cinemas welcome the presence of Chona 2, the killer pig with the continuation of the story that began three decades ago.

Written and directed by Emmanuel “Sunshine” Logroño, who also plays Professor Facundo Tura, the story moves between characters full of clichés and stereotypes with the power of truth: the family headed by the aunt who is worried about her two ambitious nephews reporter, the young woman tired of her employer's demands at the bakery, the cowering, muscular man, the spiritual leader with a certain degree of insanity, and two police officers, one guided by incompetence and the other by heroism.

Every routine and pursuit of the characters, who eventually become intertwined, is threatened by the presence of the ferocious and violent Piglet, who wreaks havoc in the city and countryside. “The Pig” was created using computer-generated imagery (CGI) and meets the visual expectations of an international production. Likewise, details of the scenery, such as a menu of pork dumplings, lard and black pudding, contribute to the narrative, familiarize the viewer with the narrative and contribute to the metaphor.

The entertaining dialect fell to the actors Marian Pabón, CJ Santana, Ackerly Cedeño, Camila Monclova, Alexandra Echeverri, Raymond Gerena, Sebastián Vázquez, Aurelio “Yeyo” Lima, Luis Gonzaga and Alejandro Carpio. Yamaris Latorre, Lucienne Hernández and Kiko Blade were also there.


The viewer rarely knows what goes on behind the scenes of a production. Chona, the Killer Pig (1990) was made in sepia because…

The alternative realities also provide laughs, such as Georgie Navarro as a judge, Jovani Vázquez on stage, Normando Valentín in charge of Noti Boricua, Manny Manuelle as a lawyer from the Cruz, Cruz & Cruz law firm, Angelique Burgos in maintenance, Chente Ydrach as a cameraman . Jowell exposed the monster as a government invention and made other special appearances, providing a workshop for a wide range of local talent.

Unfinished stories, characters with a lack of development, and unanswered questions raise third-party suspicions. Anyway, Chona, the murderous pig, has pulled off Logroño's second pig prank.