Christian Nodals setback with Cazzu ahead of baby birth

Christian Nodal’s setback with Cazzu ahead of baby birth

Christian Nodal and his partner Cazzu are preparing for one of the happiest moments of their lives, which it will be the birth of your baby.

This expected moment didn’t stop either of their plans as Argentina make an offer his last concerts Before you retire, rest so you can only think about the birth of your baby.

For his part node who lives with me in Argentina cazzu He, too, feels uneasy about this birth. Such is his joy that he did not hesitate to appear on social networks to congratulate Cazzu on his first Mother’s Day celebration, since the Mexican sent a bouquet of flowers, in particular one of his favorite flowers, namely sunflowers.

However, there is something that worries the Mexican regional singer and is causing a setback cazzu. Both have decided by mutual agreement that they will continue to fulfill their professional obligations.

Nodal is previously separated from his partner your baby is born since he prepares everything that has to do with it “Outlaw2 Tour”a tour that takes you through it all Mexico and also to other countries.

Despite this forced distance Cazzu and Nodal are still very much in love and looks forward to the birth of his daughter. “I miss you, I love you,” Cazzu wrote on her social media to Nodal, who is unable to be by her side at this final stage of pregnancy due to this setback.