Tourist Approaches Elephant What Happens Next Is Unbelievable VIDEO

Tourist Approaches Elephant, What Happens Next Is Unbelievable | VIDEO NanoPress Travel

A tourist approaches an elephant and is surprised at what happens. Here is the video of the meeting.

Tourist approaches an elephantTourist approaches an elephant –

There are so many in the world Animals that we admire every day, also thanks to the documentaries that air them on TV.

Today, with the presence of social networks, we can observe interactions between some of them and people.

A tourist is speechless at the elephant’s gesture as he approaches it

Many animals form very special relationships with humans, even if they are not entirely docile species.

On the internet we can find videos of lions, panthers, cheetahs, gorilla and other types, who bind themselves to a person.

This is because some of them have been rescued, cared for or raised by staff from some recovery centers and once they grow up they recognize them by showing them their affection.

Even if this Animals, They may seem docile. It’s always better to keep our distance when we’re in the presence of an animal we’ve never seen.

We cannot foresee the instinct of some species and therefore do not know how it can react to our gesture.

A tourist knows well who has approached you in India elephant that she came up from the river and that she was surprised by the reaction Animal.

Elephants are among the most intelligent animals in the world and their character does not usually pose a threat to humans.

A tourist is surprised what happens when he approaches an elephantRobert Pattinson and the elephant who plays Rosie on the set of Water for Elephants –

there is a nice movie Like water for elephantswith Robert Pattinson And Reese Witherspoon based on the book water for elephantsthat tells the story of rosie and his life in a circus.

In the movie is theelephant She makes an unexpected gesture and is flogged by the ringmaster for her behavior.

However, the animal’s gesture is due to the fact that due to communication problems, it did not understand what it had to do and it was only later that it was tamed with the help of a veterinarian who takes care of it.

Even the elephant that met the tourist responded to the woman’s demand that he eat a banana.

The video that made the rounds on the internet

In the video posted on Twitter, We see the tourist walking up to the elephant with a bunch of bananas in her hand and handing him a banana.

After various attempts, the creature got tired of persistence Tourist, He throws her to the ground with a headbutt.

The Video, that went viral on the internet was commented on by many users, almost all on the side ofElephant.

The experts who saw him said that even the most competent, when in front of wild animals, as in this case, avoid approaching in this way.

Because untamed animals behave differently and get annoyed when people make unwelcome gestures for them.

Some of them particularly criticized the tourist’s behavior, saying it was not wise to insist and make fun of a creature weighing more than 3.5 tons.

According to some users, the woman deserves this gesture and they hope that tomorrow she will think twice before getting too close to the animals.