1664830435 Ciacci against Antonino Spinalbese Hes just a hairdresser I dont

Ciacci against Antonino Spinalbese: “He’s just a hairdresser, I don’t have to prove anything”

Big Brother VIP 2022/2023

Ciacci will continue to burn ground. The last to land in his network is Antonino Spinalbese, who has been accused of clever strategies. The columnist is ready to take them apart: “I’m Giovanni Ciacci, I don’t have to prove anything, but Barber yes”.

Ciacci against Antonino Spinalbese Hes just a hairdresser I dont

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Big Brother VIP 2022/2023

Giovanni Ciacci jeopardizes his stay Big brother VIP. The columnist, who ended up at the center of a bitter controversy over his positions against Marco Bellavia, makes several other enemies inside and outside the house. Already nominated from the previous episode, Ciacci is saved this time thanks to the cancellation of the televoting, but his whereabouts are still hanging by a thread.

The final episode is the sexual violence joke, which the public didn’t like at all. His strategy is clear: eliminate the competitors he considers the strongest. Eventually he too falls into his net Antonino spinal broompurposefully under the pretext of a nomination he has not digested, victim of the columnist’s free attacks.

What Giovanni Ciacci said behind Antonino Spinalbese

After Thursday September 29’s episode, Ciacci showed some intolerance towards Antonino, as shown over the last day. Despite being annoyed at his apparent nomination, Giovanni made the best of a bad situation, firing behind the competitor along with Patrizia Rossetti. While Patrizia claims that Antonino has no strategy in mind, Ciacci claims that Spinalbese is playing his game: “He wants to win and therefore has his own strategy: “Annoyed by this rivalry, the columnist then went on the offensive, deciding in a confessional:”I’m Giovanni Ciacci, I’ve never been anyone’s friendThen with Patrizia Rossetti: “I don’t have to prove anything to anyone, but a hairdresser does.”

Giovanni Ciacci after Marco Bellavia’s departure from GF VIP: “We got rid of his cogs”

Because Giovanni Ciacci risks his GFVip

Giovanni Ciacci’s role is that of provocative acid, that now seems clear. Without showing no empathyor to have conveyed any human sense with which the television columnist entered the house the aim of raising public awareness on the subject of the disease of which he is a carrier, HIV. After a monologue on the subject, which he had previously discussed in an interview with the Who before entering the house, Ciacci became scorched ground Arousing the antipathy of comrades and the public at home. Viewers mostly criticize him for a lot of inconsistency, considering the treatment reserved for Marco Bellavia and the complete lack of sensitivity to the issue of mental health. His recent comments about Antonino Spinalbese highlight an irritating and know-it-all component of his character that the public will not readily digest.