Noelia Reveals Flirty Lace Body Under Her Dress

Noelia Reveals Flirty Lace Body Under Her Dress

Noelia reveals the flirty lace body beneath her gown (Image: Instagram)

Noelia reveals flirtatious lace body under her robe | Instagram

A romantic music celebrity and prominent businesswoman, Noelia has now added another quality as she has now become an influencer social networkswho, by the way, loves to spoil his fans, as in his video where he is in a bathrobe and a lace body White.

The beautiful star, model, actress, singer, businesswoman and playmate has become an expert in the art of flirtation, it’s something that comes naturally to her, something her fandom thanks her for, due to the content , which they usually share in their accounts .

In this particular video she seemed to be moving in slow motion and she was quite good at posing as a model as she does it with grace and elegance.

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While Noelia She walks onto the balcony of her room on a beautiful starry night, every step she takes is a sigh for her fans as she outlines her silhouette with the folds of the fabric and highlights each of the curves that make up her delicate body.

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Noelia shows her charms on every platform | Instagram noeliaofficial

In the video she shared on Instagram, you can gradually see her opening the silk robe with white lace appliqués at the bottom; Finally, once he reaches the doorframe that leads to his patio, he peels the fabric from his skin.


In slow motion she continues, the fabric of her robe, which is a bit short btw, falls below her shoulders and gently caresses that part of her body, then twists slightly to reveal the front of the design she is wearing.

Once you are in a perfect position in front of the door frame to enjoy its sweetness, Noelia He shows off the garment and straps he wears with such grace, it’s just a whole range of emotions his fans could have in just a few seconds.

I want to be all yours, I want to get out of myself, I want to be yours tonight,” Noelia commented.

These phrases are part of the lyrics of his song “your complete”, released in 2000, belongs to the album Golpeando Fuerte, without a doubt it was perfect to decorate this flirtatious video published 12 hours ago on his official account with more than 3 million followers.

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