1676650936 Cienciano has denounced the FPFs mistreatment of the appalling conditions

Cienciano has denounced the FPF’s mistreatment of the appalling conditions on his trip to Huancayo

Cienciano has denounced the FPFs mistreatment of the appalling conditions

The Cusqueño squad denounced the FPF for lack of guarantees and described the poor state of the bus rented by this governing body. The delegation even had to change the means of transport and postpone their trip.

scientist plays away against Sports Huancayo this Saturday, February 18, and for this reason the team had to travel to Ciudad Incontrastable to play the League 1 2023 game.However, the Cusco team released a statement through its social networks, accusing the mistreatment it had received from the discontinued company by Peruvian Football Federation (FPF). Papá publicly denounced the FPF for causing damage to his delegation on the trip and described the series of damage sustained by the bus, which was in terrible condition. Before leaving, the players had to be transferred to another vehicle, delaying their journey by three hours.

“On Monday, February 13th, we received the travel plan to the city of Jauja by air. However, on February 14th we were notified of the impossibility of traveling by air and the obligation to do it by land in the Lima-Huancayo -Lima Today, February 16th, our team traveled to Lima according to the itinerary and was greeted by a dated received on a bus commissioned by the Peruvian Football Federation, which had malfunctions and was not suitable for travel with these characteristics, which affected the group of travelers. A mistreatment for the professional club,” says the first part of the statement.

Likewise, Cienciano denounced the bus for not having air conditioning for the varying temperatures encountered during the journey, or 180-degree seats (as they advertised) for an eight-hour journey. In addition, the hygiene service lacked the required cleanliness and the handling of the operating staff with the delegation was not appropriate.

As a result, the campus had to be switched to a bus with adequate conditions and the transfer was delayed. This meant that the delegation arrived around 2:00 a.m. on Friday and had less than a day to rest before the start of the game. For this reason, the Father reported this damage to the highest governing body of Peruvian football.

“Less than 48 hours from the start of the game with Sport Huancayo, we express our disagreement with this situation and publicly denounce the lack of guarantees on the part of the Peruvian Football Federation for the normal development of League 1, which is detrimental to our squad. of the players and the technical management of our club, which rightly causes unease because of the inconvenience they have had to go through,” they stressed.

When will Cienciano vs. Sport Huancayo play?

The duel Cienciano vs. Sport Huancayo applies to Date 5 of League 1 2023 and will take place at 13:00 (Peruvian time) at Huancayo Stadium.