Clara Chia distances herself from Pique and throws the craziest

Clara Chía distances herself from Piqué and throws the craziest party: twerking in the middle of the street and

After returning from Miami Gerard Pique has returned to his business with the aim of expanding it royal league. But according to, he recently caught a plane bound for the Italian city of Milan. And it didn’t appear to be a leisure trip, since he was doing it unaccompaniedOn this occasion his partner was not with him Clara Chia. His current partner used these days without his partner to go partying, as confirmed by the program Gossip no like, which shared some pictures of Piqué’s girlfriend enjoying the nights of Barcelona with its special nightlife. In them you see Chía Martí “The past of drinks”: “We’ll show you how crazy Clara Chía is.” I drank alcohol and lay on the floor with my leg raised. It’s the real Clara Chia. This is not what we see at Piqué in every respect. Shakira is afraid of that. “All her friends are buskers, drunks and partygoers,” said Javier Ceriani, host of the show.

“Clara Chía was caught lying in the street drunk and in a very bad state. We saw her partying at a friend’s house and sleeping while her partner was away. Now we know this new personality, with a bottle of alcohol in hand,” he explained first. “From the start they wanted to sell us a shy, reserved, well-mannered Clara, I come from a millionaire family and am a good student. “By the way, we don’t see them going to college anymore,” said Adriana Toval, a content creator from Costa Rica.

Next to, In the pictures you can see Piqué’s partner twerking. According to the entertainment show, the photos and videos are said to have come directly from the Spanish friends’ social networks, but long before the Shakira scandal.