In Kenya the fasting cult claims 179 victims they starved

In Kenya, the fasting cult claims 179 victims: they starved to “see Jesus”

The number of victims of the “Shakaola massacre” in Kenya has risen by 29 units in just one day, so that 179 bodies of followers of the so-called “Sect of the Fasting” founded by preacher Paul Mackenzie Nthenge have now been exhumed by the Kenyan Homicide Squad in the village’s forest in the hinterland of the Kenyan coast.

The dead were found in mass graves buried on land owned by the self-proclaimed vicar. He is arrested at the Malindi police station and charged with murder and incitement to commit suicide for urging his followers to abstain from food in order to be able to see Jesus.” In the meantime, the number of missing people has also risen, as investigators told the newspaper “Daily Nation”: In the meantime, 609 believers from Mackenzie’s “International Church of the Good News” have not brought any news to their families. “The number of people rescued remains at 72, while 65 people have been arrested. About 93 families have provided DNA samples,” said Rhoda Onyancha, Commissioner for Coastal Regions.