Claudia Leitte orders the expulsion of the man who fought on Anittta's show: “There was no way he would go down”

Claudia Leitte had to interrupt her show at the Ensaio da Anitta in São Paulo last Thursday, the 25th, to exclude a man who was allegedly fighting in the audience.

Seeing the confusion, Anitta's guest asked the band to stop performing her song, saying, “I'm at Anitta's rehearsal and I'm at home, right?” At my house, at her house, we don't accept that.” Downloads Absolutely not. Safety, you can remove them,” ordered Claudia Leitte.

Then he turned to Anitta: “Excuse me. The guy doesn't suit us, Anitta.” The hostess of the event promptly replied: “Take it off. I would have made it worse.”

Claudia even caught the troublemaker's attention: “You're big, but you're not bigger than us, you see, brother.”