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Fifth: The day Fanny Ardant humiliated François Civil – CinéSéries

In 2016, the young actor François Civil shared a sequence with the legendary actress Fanny Ardant in the comedy “Five”. And during filming, their encounter was particularly embarrassing for the actor…

Fifth: an unforgettable shoot

In Five, a comedy written and directed by Igor Gotesman, François Civil finds, alongside Pierre Niney, a role that will make him very popular. He plays Timothée, a somewhat atypical young man who moves into a shared apartment with his friends before the situation gets out of hand due to Samuel's (Pierre Niney) lies. The understudy of Five is surprising with the presence of Pascal Demolon, Bruno Lochet, Philippe Duclos and Louise Coldefy, as well as that of Fanny Ardant in her own role.

Five Five ©Netflix

The actress plays herself and in Five meets Samuel, who sells her cannabis to pay off her debts. Thanks to her, Samuel and Timothée meet Barnabé (Pascal Demolon), a rich eccentric who will give them an important order for his daughter's birthday. An extremely funny sequence in which François Civil confronts Fanny Ardant in particular.

Fanny Ardant had completely forgotten François Civil

The actor from the recent films “The Three Musketeers” spoke in an interview with GQ in which he looked back on the iconic roles he had known a great discomfort while filming this sequence. While he remembered working with her back in 2013 for Josée Dayan's TV film Le Clan des Lanzac, Fanny Ardant had no memory (from 3'54 below)…

Fanny Ardant kindly came to the film to play a small role. A few years earlier I acted with her in a TV movie where I played her grandson, we had scenes together. We arrive on set on the day of this scene, we're all in the middle of it, the technicians, Igor, to introduce ourselves. I arrive before her, I say “Hello Fanny, maybe you remember me, we made a certain TV film a few years ago, I played your grandson. Do you remember me?”

She looks at me with a smile and says, “No.” I was in a state… Above all… There was a kind of silence… She didn't recover at all.

An amusing anecdote in which François Civil laughs at his own embarrassment an imitation that is as fleeting as it is successful his playing partner for a day.