It was just just suitcases They find their luggage in

“It was just, just suitcases!”: They find their luggage in an unexpected place in Montreal –

Strange but true. Quebec travelers who have returned from Egypt and Morocco since January 7 have just found their lost suitcases… at a liquidation center in Montreal.

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Returning to Canada wasn't easy for around twenty travelers after they learned that their airline, Royal Air Maroc, had lost track of their luggage.

The airline tried in vain to find the lost suitcases.

Aéroports de Montréal and Royal Air Maroc passed the buck, both saying they did not know the exact location of the personal belongings of the group of tourists from Quebec.

Almost three weeks later, a traveler's suitcase was found in Montreal – in an unexpected place.

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Apple's geolocation tool “Air Tag” made it possible to identify that he was in a liquidation center on Sherbrooke Street in the east of the metropolis on Friday, January 26th.

Remember that some travelers were told that the suitcases were still in Morocco, while others were given a different version of the facts.

In an interview about his painful return home, Michel Frigon, who addressed the address provided by Apple, is still stunned by his discovery.

“It was just, just suitcases! There were no sellers, there was nothing. The guy was all alone when he opened the door for us […] We came back and when we saw suitcases with the inscription ''label'' From the carrier we started searching the suitcases,” he explains, indicating that he found the suitcases of most of the group.

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Images obtained by TVA Nouvelles show several dozen suitcases in the liquidation center.

The latter is located at 13 385 Rue Sherbrooke Est in Montreal.


At this point, not all 25 travelers have gotten their hands on their luggage.

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A traveler complained to our journalist about the lack of cooperation from Royal Air Maroc, which did not respond to our interview requests.

“I no longer think about the trip I took, I only think about getting the suitcase back! […] One day they tell us one thing, the next day it's something else. We have no information,” criticizes Line Vallerand.

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