Coronation of Charles III The ceremonial cross adorned with relics

Coronation of Charles III: The ceremonial cross adorned with relics of Jesus

It’s a priceless gift. The ceremonial coronation cross of King Charles III. contains fragments of the cross on which Jesus was crucified, according to the Vatican. Pope Francis donated two fragments of the cross, one five millimeters and the other one centimetre. They have been shaped into a small cross and incorporated into its design, appearing behind a pink clear crystal.

The Archbishop of Wales, Andrew John, blessed the new cross in front of dignitaries and parishioners at a ceremony in Llandudno, North Wales. She will now be taken to London where she will lead the coronation process on May 6th.

Two years of manufacture

The cross “speaks to our Christian faith, our heritage,” the archbishop said, “we are delighted that it is being used for the first time to lead His Majesties to Westminster Abbey for the coronation ceremony.” Charles presented the Cross of Wales to the Anglican Church on its centenary.

Designed by Michael Lloyd, the cross took two years to make from recycled silver bullion mixed with wood and slate fragments. After the coronation it is shared by the Anglican and Roman Catholic Churches in Wales. Charles applied the king’s authenticating mark, a leopard’s head, to the silver portion of the cross during a visit to London last year.