1681937788 Wladimir Putin quotthe scar on his neckquot the video shock

Wladimir Putin, "the scar on his neck": the video shock what he reveals

Wladimir Putin quotthe scar on his neckquot the video shock

Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, there have been countless hypotheses and theories about the alleged illnesses of the Kremlin chief Wladimir Putin. And the speculation about the state of health of the tsar does not seem to have stopped to this day. In these hours, as Dagospia reports, we would speak of thyroid cancer. The observers’ attention would have been focused on one noticeable scar on the neckspotted during the Orthodox Easter celebrations.

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In short, Putin’s latest pictures have exposed the hypothesis of a possible thyroid cancer by the independent newspaper Proekt a year ago. For this, the Russian President would be constantly accompanied by a surgeon – Yevgeny Selivanovfrom the Central Clinical Hospital in Moscow – specializing in precisely this type of cancer.

The scar that attracted the attention of the most attentive looks like this diagonal line. Someone would even have seen the “Z” in it, the letter used by the Russian soldiers who invaded Ukraine. This scar was actually observed two years ago, in December 2020, when the Russian media alerted Sobesednik to the presence of a mark on the tsar’s neck. Cosmetic surgeon Amjad Al-Yousef commented at the time: “Theoretically after intubation such a scar may remain, but that is only in theory. Often there is not even a scar left when the skin tightens again.”