1706433461 Cuba takes part in the Latin American and Caribbean educational

Cuba takes part in the Latin American and Caribbean educational event

Cuba participates in an educational event in Latin America and the Caribbean

Cuba's Minister of Education, Naima Trujillo Barreto, leads the Cuban delegation present at the Extraordinary Meeting of Education Ministers of Latin America and the Caribbean, taking place in Santiago, Chile, until Friday.

According to the website of the Cuban Foreign Ministry, Trujillo Barreto emphasized the importance of the meeting that began this Thursday to analyze the challenges facing the reactivation of education after COVID-19.

He expressed that this is an opportunity to exchange experiences linked not only to the post-pandemic recovery, but also to the educational transformation of the future due to its importance for the development and sustainability of humanity.

The head of the education department pointed out that her country adheres to the principle that no one is left behind or disadvantaged, which is why it has developed procedures for sensitive conditions of inclusion, such as special education, reports the Cuban News Agency.

He addressed the impact of the economic, trade and financial blockade that the United States has maintained against Cuba for more than 60 years, ensuring that the blockade prevents the provision of necessary financing and infrastructure in this sector.

The event was convened by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and the Chilean Ministry of Education, with the support of ECLAC, the United Nations Children's Fund, the World Bank and the Development Bank for Latin America and the Caribbean, bringing together the highest authorities of 30 countries in the region on education issues.

The exchange of policy experiences and the further development of the design of a regional reference framework for public actions to reactivate, restore and transform education were the objectives of the event, which ends this Friday.

The initiative responds to the regional educational context, which requires deepening joint efforts and promoting educational integration processes, leveraging the history of more than 60 years of regional cooperation and multilateralism in education in Latin America and the Caribbean.