Richard Marx39s explosive reaction after a fan interrupted one of

Richard Marx's explosive reaction after a fan interrupted one of his concerts: “Learn to have manners”

The American singer-songwriter couldn't stand the screams of a woman in the audience in the middle of his performance and gave her some harsh words (TMZ)

Richard MarxKnown for his kindness as an artist, the artist did not tolerate the behavior of a loud fan who interrupted his performance. At a concert in Port Chester, New York, a video captured the moment when only a woman's screams could be heard from the audience, distracting those in attendance and, of course, the American singer and songwriter.

Despite the romantic atmosphere that the musician created with his hit song angelia, a woman who had no inhibitions about raising her voice and screaming uncontrollably. His scandal was so great that he disturbed the others present and asked him to keep quiet.

The “Right Here Waiting” actor didn’t lose his calm or professionalism and continued his performance as if nothing had happened. But the woman managed to make him angry. The artist, who is usually friendly and calm, felt insulted and after finishing his song said some harsh words to the person who caused the interruption.

Marx experienced a moment of tension while performing his hit Angelia in New York, which prompted him to swear at a fan (Instagram @therichardmarx)

“I have a real one curiosity knowledge who raised you to think that all you could do is scream more important than what we did,” said the singer, to the surprise of the audience. Then he added emphatically: “Learn to have some damn manners, Missy!”

The musician was at his side Rick Springfield with whom Marx is currently on tour. The tension on stage was obvious, so his partner supported the singer's reaction and intervened in the situation by issuing a strange warning, referring to previous experiences with loud fans.

“I will go to you Work and I will do it to pee on your desk,” the Australian singer commented, adding a touch of humor to the awkward situation but emphasizing the weariness of artists facing disruptive behavior during their live performances.

The 60-year-old singer is currently on tour with Australian musician Rick Springfield. (Instagram @therichardmarx)

Born in Illinois In 1963, Richard Marx had always been connected to the world of music since his childhood and made several recordings with his father Jingles for television advertising. His ballads were played on every radio station in the world and made him one Romantic icon from the 80s.

He began composing his own songs during his youth and while studying at a high school, but his career in show business began as a background singer for artists such as MadonnaLionel Richie, Kenny Rogers, among others.

In 1985 he created the single If I Turn You Away, which was part of the soundtrack to the film St. Elmo's Fire. Two years later, he released his first album entitled “Richard Marx”, which included the ballad “Hold on to the Nights” and the song “Don't Mean Nothing”, which reached number one in the United States music rankings.

His ballads were played on all radio stations in the world and made him a romantic icon in the 80s. (Instagram @therichardmarx)

However, success came in May 1989 with his second album called Repeat Offender, which contained two singles: Satisfied and The Popular Wait right herewith which he reached the top of the sales charts worldwide and became the Contemporary artists.

Around 14 songs of his authorship have made it to the coveted and most famous music charts in the United States, called the Billboard Top Ten. In February 2004 he obtained one grammy with the song Dance With My Father, written with Luther Vandross, and a few months later his latest work, My Own Best Enemy, was released.

Currently continuing compose He actively works with social institutions for various artists, such as the Mexican singer Paulina Rubio, donates a large part of his profits to the fight against cancer, leukemia and HIV and lives with his wife, the singer, dancer and actress Cynthia Rhodes, to whom he has been married since 1989 and with whom he has three children: Brandon, Lucas and Jesse.