1708057830 Dakota Johnson with Golden Scorpion and the cruel child labor

Dakota Johnson with Golden Scorpion and the cruel child labor that was accidentally depicted

Dakota Johnson was interviewed by Escorpión Dorado as part of the promotion of “Madame Web”.  (YouTube Capture/Plush in a suitcase)

Dakota Johnson was interviewed by Escorpión Dorado as part of the promotion of the film “Madame Web”. (YouTube video recording/PelucheIn The Case)

The Golden Scorpion interviewed a celebrity who excites the cinema as much as ever: Dakota Johnson, who will bring to life Madame Web, the new milestone of the Marvel Universe. She is one of the most famous guests in this segment worldwide. The interview, which lasted just over 16 minutes, an unusual length for the section, It caused a stir on all social networks. That's right.

Nobody can deny the merit of having an interview partner of this level and of allowing her to participate in the station's classic dynamic. Since Alex Montiel, who plays the character of Escorpión Dorado, opted for this format in 2016, numerous celebrities have appeared from all sectors: cinema, Mexican and international television, sports, music and even politics – videos, the latter that have been full of controversy . J.Ohnson gave the Golden Scorpion a new point. As the comments make clear, no one knows what the next level will be as things get more and more surprising.

The video, of course, touched on the role Dakota will play as Madame Web and why it's so meaningful to her: “I've never been in a superhero movie before.” Then I saw the script and said, “I like that it's an origin story and about a young woman whose power is her mind.”, pointed out the 34-year-old actress. Likewise, the interaction patterns that characterize Escorpión Dorado were followed: conversations with people on the street, conversations about music and food – Dakota emphasized her preference for moles and tacos, but not so much for grasshoppers.

The lecture was mostly in English, but Dakota was encouraged at times to speak Spanish and demonstrated that she can do so very well. In addition, he completely understood what the person he was talking to was saying to him. But there was a moment during the interview that particularly attracted attention on social networks. It happened when Golden Scorpion rolled down the window and called a girl selling marzipan, who immediately came up to her to offer her product.

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At that moment, Golden Scorpion asked Dakota Johnson if she wanted one. She answered yes. The scene showed, yes, two opposing realities, Above all, the harshness of child labor that exists on cruise ships across the country was presented in a unique way., in this case Mexico City. Dakota was nice and friendly at all times. But the underlying problem was that child labor was the most striking thing about the entire video and every single interaction. According to INEGI and its National Child Labor Survey 2022 (ENTI) released last year In Mexico, 3.7 million girls are employed, an increase of 14% compared to the 2019 measurement.

There were also complaints on social networks that they would have been better off buying the whole box, even though Escorpión Dorado gave him 100 pesos for two marzipans that had an original price of 1×10 or 2×15.

He has done this on other occasions with street vendors to whom he gives change, often very large amounts compared to the original price. The scene was interpreted by some people as a technique by Montiel to generate more interest. but that intention cannot be by any means so clear: perhaps he would have bought regardless of whether the seller was an infant or an adult. The truth is that the interview with a global star ultimately shed light on the grim Mexican reality.


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