Monkeypox behavior in Cambodia follows global trends

Monkeypox behavior in Cambodia follows global trends

Phnom Penh, February 16 (Prensa Latina) The increase in cases of Mpox (monkeypox) in Cambodia is in line with the global trend, the Ministry of Health affirmed in this capital today.

The confirmation came from the Ministry of Health as it announced the discovery of the 12th person infected with the virus in the Kingdom, a man from Meanchey District, Phnom Penh, who is currently hospitalized.

According to the ministry, the trend of Mpox transmission in the country has increased in line with the general trend, as the disease has spread to 117 countries with more than 93,000 cases and 176 deaths as of January 25, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). around the world.

The virus that causes monkeypox is transmitted from person to person through all forms of contact, whether sexual or with wounds, body fluids, saliva, airborne droplets, and equipment contaminated with the virus, including clothing, towels, or cutlery. , among other things.

Transmission from mother to child can also occur via the umbilical cord during or after birth if the mother suffers from immunodeficiency syndrome.

In statements to national media, renowned physician Quach Mengly pointed out that Mpox is a viral disease caused by monkeys, mice, bats and squirrels.

The symptoms of so-called monkeypox are similar to those of the flu, with fever, chills, fatigue, joint pain and skin rashes, he added. There is still no specific treatment for the disease, so only primary care can be offered to infected patients.