Daniel Dal Moro quotI believe that the basis of a

Daniel Dal Moro: "I believe that the basis of a relationship is trust" Big Brother VIP | GFVIP 7 Big Brother

Between many ups and downs Oriana Marzoli and Daniele Dal Moro They seem to have found the key to cultivating their knowledge in a mature and conscious way.

The two are spending more and more time together, taking every opportunity to get to know each other better and lay the foundation for a future relationship. This morning’s topic is her love story and her vision of love and jealousy. While Oriana talks about her broken relationships, she also explains the reasons for her intense jealousy. Cheated on multiple occasions in the past, Oriana admits that she has learned not to trust and to be careful about the behavior of the people she is with.

“I’m not very jealous,” replies Daniele instead, who has the opposite opinion of the Venezuelan. “When you like someone, there’s a pinch of jealousy,” he continues, but stresses that under no circumstances should jealousy be overdone, lest it ruin a relationship based on mutual respect and affection. Unlike Oriana, who has repeatedly forgiven and tolerated her ex-boyfriends’ betrayals, Daniele explains that he cannot overcome a similar lack of respect.

“I’m a completely trusting person, when I’m with a person I trust them completely,” he adds, admitting he’s not overly jealous for that reason. “I believe that trust is the basis of a relationship,” concludes the VIP.

Trust is one of the main problems of the couple #Oriel but both work hard to solve it, between more and more intimate demonstrations and confidences.