Union calculates how state network teachers will be paid in 2023. See Values ​​ Extra

As servants of education in Rio Awaiting the release of the salary table for 2023 by the State Department of Education, the values ​​have already been calculated by the State Union of Education Professionals (Sepe). According to the organization, there will be one this year linear correction of 5.9% refers only to salary losses from December 2021 to November 2022, as officially confirmed by the governor. This percentage already affects the January paycheck, which is paid in February.

Sought by the column, the State Department of Education declined to provide a position on Sepe’s salary scale, based on information from the government itself.

According to Sepe’s calculations, the term is Teaching Professor II for the setting 40 hours must high from BRL 2,125.68 to BRL 2,251.09, well below the new national level for teachers recently set at R$ 4,420.36 by the Ministry of Education. Meanwhile, the highest salary in the table for Professor I in a 40hour regime should increase from R$6,578.86 to R$6,967.02 at the last career stage. The same correction percentage is applied to all categories and all levels of the education position plan.

According to the text approved by Governor Cláudio Castro, the correction should focus only on civil servants’ basic salaries.

understand the calculus

Sepe director Flavio Lopes, in charge of preparing the table on the site, explains how the bill was created. Salary amounts for all areas were taken from the January 2022 Compensation Manual prepared by the State Secretariat for Human Resources Management and to which the correction percentage is applied.

Scenarios have also been included of what the remuneration of education staff would look like if there were a revision to the national minimum and if the government applied the salary revision in addition to the 5.9% applicable to the second installment of losses accumulated between 2017 and is moving into 2021 (which was planned for 2023 but has been postponed).

Far below the ideal, says Sepe

In calculating salary values ​​for 2023 for all categories of state education, Sepe’s director constructed two scenarios using past salary losses (not paid in full) and if the Rio government paid the national minimum for teachers. In his opinion, the finding was “worrying”: the state should make a readjustment of almost 100% of salaries for 2023 in order to reach the national minimum.

According to Lopes’ calculations, there would have to be a 96.36% correction for Rio to pay the floor. Even with the incidence of the second installment of past losses (from 2017 to 2021) which he estimates at 5.62% on salary already corrected for inflation of 5.9% in 2022, the correction would still be 85, 91% suboptimal.

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