1708102114 David Savard believes he succeeded in breaking up with Catherine

David Savard believes he succeeded in breaking up with Catherine Proulx-Lemay

In the heart of Hollywood, we had the opportunity to speak with David Savard during an evening showcasing Canadian talent at the Canadian Consulate General in Los Angeles. At the invitation of his colleague Yanic Truesdale, the actor told us that he had never wanted a career in the USA and added with a laugh: “My English is way too bad!”

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David, can you tell us what you do in Hollywood?

You know, for me Hollywood is like Dolbeau: I feel at home there. (laughs) No, I'm kidding, but I discovered Los Angeles a few years ago and fell in love with the place, especially Venice Beach. I stay here every time I come to California. Yanic Truesdale and I starred in The Knockout Theory together and became good friends. Since then we see each other every time I come to LA because he lives here most of the time. It was he who invited me to this evening to, in a way, celebrate the presence of Canada and Canadian actors at the Emmys.

Have you always wanted to pursue an international career?

I would rather say that it could be a dream, but a dream that is somewhat inaccessible because my English is terrible. Plus, I have a big accent when I speak it! If I were thinking about a career abroad, I would rather go to France. But I never tried, simply for family reasons. Back then, I couldn't imagine leaving everything behind to try my luck in Paris. My sons are older there; If the opportunity presents itself, perhaps I will do it. What are your projects in Quebec? This winter I will be filming the third season of Comme des têtes pas Poule on Télé-Québec. I love making children's television and both parents and children come to me to talk about the show, which makes me happy. It's an honor to be on a show like this and have such a great response.

How are your sons?

They are doing well, they are already 19 and 15 years old. Milan, my eldest, works at Le Monarque restaurant. My youngest, Ludovic, is in secondary school four and is working hard to complete secondary school. My two boys are not lovers of studying. One thing is certain, I can already confirm that none of them intend to follow in my footsteps or those of their mother (actress Catherine Proulx-Lemay).

How many years are you into your career?

This year I am celebrating my 30th professional anniversary. It's crazy how quickly it went by! I remember when I was at theater school we were told that a career is something that is calculated over a long period of time. This is what I've always hoped for, so I'm proud to still be here, to still be able to do this beautiful job after three decades and to be proud of the path I've taken. I'm glad I managed to make a living at it – I never had to do anything else to make a living. I'm also glad that I managed to remain myself despite some successes.

What has been the most notable role in your career?

The character of Johnny in the series “Les Lavigueur” was unforgettable for the audience and also for me. I loved playing him. Another unforgettable role was played by Dr. Juneau in the series “Destinies.” And then my role in Shadow Walk was important to me; I even gained a twin for this. It's probably also the time when I was given the most freedom in designing the character, and I owe that to Francis Leclerc, the director, who gave me a lot of trust.

David Savard believes he succeeded in breaking up with Catherine

Photo: Hubert Simard / TVA

What else do you have to play?

During the pandemic, I experienced a bit of a personal low point and even asked myself whether I would be tempted to continue in this career. After that I wanted to return to the theater to play big roles. I really want to play. I had an even worse phase when my younger brother died in a car accident. It left a huge void and made me feel uneasy about my life and what I wanted to do. My brother was 10 years younger than me; He left young when he wanted to be a father. His departure made me think a lot.

If you had to do something else, what would you have done?

That's a damn good question because I've dreamed of this career since I was four years old. I was watching TV and told myself I wanted to do this. Maybe I would work in communications or production. One thing is for sure: I would stay in the industry. I even feel like I don't know what else to do.

You're in your fifties now. How do you experience it?

It's much better than quarantine! I remember when I turned 27 I had the blues, felt old and felt like my life was over. But ultimately, middle age is gentler and easier to accept. I'm happy, I have big plans and I'm not too afraid of getting older. My sons are fine. I've been in love with my beautiful Michèle for five years now, I couldn't ask for anything better. She's incredible, this woman… I call her “sweetheart.”

Do you feel that you have successfully separated from the mother of your children, actress Catherine Proulx-Lemay?

Yes, really, and time tempers things. I would say that things have always been good between Catherine and me. The separation was done with the utmost respect and we live just a few steps away from each other. It's easier for everyone and especially for our sons. In the best of all possible worlds, everything goes well. One of my sons lives in the basement at home and the other lives upstairs. Milan and Ludovic are fantastic and we have a wonderful father-son relationship that makes me proud.

Finally, what can we wish you for the coming months?

Let it continue! I'm happy in love, even on a family level, I have great roles and I'm hoping for a big role in the theater in the coming months. When it comes to projects like this, people don't necessarily think of me, so I want to show my interest and send it out into the universe.

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