Shot at close range this fall handcuffed this winter

Shot at close range this fall, handcuffed this winter

Less than four months after miraculously surviving a murder attempt in the middle of the street, a 50-year-old Montreal man has just been arrested along with four suspected accomplices as part of a sweeping anti-drug investigation.

William Della Serra appeared at the Salaberry-de-Valleyfield Courthouse on various drug charges.

Della Serra and the other members of his gang had been in the sights of the police for almost two years, and were believed to have been very active in trafficking methamphetamine and cannabis in the greater Montreal area.

In addition, in April last year, officers from the Mixed Regional Squad (ERM) conducted ten searches in the cities of Montreal, Les Cédres and Saint-Stanislas as part of their investigation. -de-Kostka.

In particular, the operation seized 35,000 speed tablets, 227 kilos of cannabis, 200 cannabis vapes, half a kilo of hashish, 67,000 contraband cigarettes, $14,000 cash and a .22 caliber firearm.

Among the arrested suspects we also find Della Serra's partner, Nancy Lyons, 46, who is also charged with several drug offenses.

The other defendants in the case are Éric Brassard, 43, of Montreal, Yannick Brabant-Bibeau, of Montreal and Sébastien Besner, 46, of Les Cédres.

William Della Serra is very lucky to be alive, as he narrowly escaped death on the evening of October 26th in the Saint-Léonard district of Montreal.

According to our information, Della Serra had just parked his car on the side of Rue de Villieu when he was stopped on the street by a person who said he wanted to talk to him.

While Della Serra walked toward the man, a second suspect approached from behind and opened fire three times, hitting his target in the back.

Erik Peters / QMI Agency

William Della Serra miraculously survived because the shooter's gun suddenly jammed after the third shot.

The two suspects fled and have still not been found.

William Della Serra suffered serious injuries that even made him fear for his life for a while.

Della Serra has several previous convictions related to drug trafficking.