Dayanita and her reaction after the criticism of Jorge Benavides

Dayanita and her reaction after the criticism of Jorge Benavides and the cast of “JB en ATV”

comic actress Dayanita He is in the eye of the storm after declaring in El Reventonazo de la Chola that he has no formal contract despite having worked at JB en ATV for five years.

“Truth hadn’t signed a contract. I worked for almost five years but only signed a contract for two years.[In the last phase]it was just like, “Dayanita, we moved on the other day, that was with the producer,” he said.

Her statements prompted her former colleagues from the comedy show to criticize her, and not only that, because Jorge Benavides himself will break his silence on his show this Saturday May 13th.

Amid the controversy, the comedian decided to resurface on her social networks where he shared one Photo of him resplendent with one of his colleagues from La casa de la Comedia and in the caption he wrote the following message: “Anyone else have any comments to make?”

Netizens rushed to the comments to quiz them, reminding them not to talk about “the hand of whoever fed them”; However, Dayanita was unwilling to take further criticism and blocked the comments.

“Never bite the hand of whoever fed you”, “Don’t worry, your five minutes will pass”, “You are very arrogant”, “You should thank JB for introducing you”, “Worse than Judas couldn’t.” be”, “You bit the hand that fed you, malazo”, “A very direct reference”, were some comments from the followers.