Death of Juan Verduzco Cesar Bono spoke about the brain

Death of Juan Verduzco: César Bono spoke about the “brain problems” that “Don Camerino” suffered from

Juan Verduzco died in March 2024 at the age of 78 (Photo: Archive)

This Monday, March 4, the National Association of Actors (ANDA) announced the sensitive death of Juan Verduzcolovable actor who cemented a nearly 60-year career on the Mexican screen.

The actor, who died at the age of 78, gained great popularity from 2002 thanks to his character “Don Camerino” in the Televisa comedy series The P. Luche familya role with which his character also reached the generations who could not enjoy his first works from 1967.

“The National Association of Actors deeply regrets the death of our colleague Juan Verduzco, a member of our union. Our condolences go out to his family, friends and colleagues. Rest in peace,” X’s ANDA account reads, without revealing any further details.

The reaction of the audience and some personalities from the artistic community was immediate and they mourned the death of the man who appeared in both dramatic and comic television productions, including: Dare to Dream, The Scoundrel, Toy World, The Cat, Dr. Cándido Pérez, Humor is… The Comedians and the Hotel of Secrets.

The actor took part in unitaries such as “As the saying goes” and “This story sounds familiar” (Photo: IG/juanverduzcooficial)

“Rest in peace… Don Camerino, business magnate, owner of half of Ciudad P. Luche and Father Camilo Pérez, brother of Dr. Cándido Pérez,” “I am deeply sorry. “Great actor and best human being,” “RIP Juan Verduzco, God has received you in His Holy Glory.” “An outstanding actor, he was not only handsome but also a good supporting actor,” reads the response to the statement.

What was striking was that neither the ANDA nor the family of the actor, who was born in Mexico City in 1946 They provided some information about the cause of death of the actor, nor about his funeral ceremonies, so there is no official information about it.

The actor began his career in 1967 and appeared in numerous productions for Televisa (Photo: X/ANDA)

But after the death of Juan Verduzco, his colleague and contemporary Cesar Bono revealed that “Don Camerino” suffered brain damage, but did not give a specific date.

“Comrade Juan Verduzco. Look, I don't want to make any mistakes because they are very delicate things, but I know he had problems with his brain “Like me, because he did therapy in Puebla, I don't know if in Puebla because he was born there or I don't know why that is, but he did some therapy in the city of Puebla,” said the 73-year-old actor in a meeting with the press, who was able to speak to the late actor over the phone.

“Don Camerino” suffered from brain problems before his death. Photo credit: YouTube@Saúl Bermúdez

“And once we spoke on the phone (and he told me) that he had very good results (from the therapies). With this I don't want to say whether it had anything to do with his death or not.“What we knew is that we both had problems with this brain thing,” added the popular “Franky Rivers” from Vecinos.

César Bono explained that Juan Verduzco's health problems, although serious, allowed him, like him, to continue speaking.

“I know it was in the same hemisphere: when brain problems occur on the right side, your mobility on the left side is disrupted, let's say we're wired backwards. But when it's on the left side, the language is lost,” the actor said after a performance of the play Defending the Caveman, in which he has starred for more than two decades.

César Bono has been playing the lead role in the monologue “Defending the Caveman” for 21 years (Photo: Instagram)

“And that was neither in Verduzco's case nor in my case because we spoke to each other on the phone, that is, neither of us lost our language, thank God.” I say thank God, because when I face the If I had lost my speech, I would have had to stop working,” the prominent actor added.