They argue for the efficient use of Australian support for

They argue for the efficient use of Australian support for Vietnam

The Vietnamese Foreign Minister expressed his belief in the success of the summit as well as his satisfaction with the progress of binational relations and between the two foreign ministries during a meeting with his Australian counterpart Penny Wong.

Australia has pledged almost $130 million in aid for clean energy development and climate change adaptation in Vietnam's Mekong Delta region.

Also the day before, Thanh Son had a brief meeting with Nicholas Moore, the Australian government's special envoy for Southeast Asia, who highlighted the potential for cooperation with the Indochinese nation, particularly in the areas of economics, trade and investment.

Vietnam, said Moore, quoted here by the media, plays an important position in the implementation of Australia's Southeast Asia economic strategy to 2040.

Speaking at the special summit this Tuesday, Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese announced that his country would increase investment in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) through a $1.30 billion financial package to boost trade and investment.

Official sources estimate that these financial resources will mainly be used for the development of renewable energy projects, exports and infrastructure.

The message is clear: Southeast Asia, more than any other region, is Australia's future, said the Australian Prime Minister.

In today's commemoration session, Albanese himself reiterated that his country will continue to support ASEAN's vision of the Indo-Pacific and the guarantee of stability and peace in the region.

Australia is committed to working with ASEAN to ensure the principles of sovereignty, territorial integrity, equality and independence are upheld to create a secure, resilient, open, inclusive and prosperous region.