Demonstration for immigration Statements by Minister Boulet denounced

Demonstration for immigration: Statements by Minister Boulet denounced

Minister Jean Boulet’s controversial remarks on immigration led groups to call demonstrations on Sunday to demand that parties stand up in favor of immigrants.

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The organizations “Standing up for Dignity” and “Le Québec c’est nous aussi” are calling for the next government to work “for a Quebec without discrimination against immigration”.

Among other things, the organizations are calling for “the withdrawal of provincial election candidates who are spreading misinformation to stoke fears of immigration in Quebec”. [Jean Boulet].

However, we don’t want to be partisan, so it’s addressed to any candidate who would make such statements, regardless of their party,” said the QMI agency Claire Launay, president of the organization “Le Québec it’s us too”.

Remember that Mr. Boulet caused an outcry by saying that “80% of immigrants go to Montreal, don’t work, don’t speak French or don’t adhere to the values ​​of Quebec society”.


Remarks that led its leader, François Legault, to say that Jean Boulet was “disqualified” as Minister for Immigration.

On the eve of the provincial elections and after several speeches on immigration, the organizing organizations are calling for more rights for immigrants and a strong commitment from the candidates and the next government to non-discrimination against immigrants.

In addition to the regularization of people without status and with precarious status, they also demand the recognition of systemic racism by the next government.

On Sunday afternoon, the demonstration “for a Quebec without discrimination against immigrants” took place.


About forty protesters then quietly walked towards the offices of the Department of Immigration.

“The only way we are talking about immigration during this campaign is in terms of a threat to Quebec, and often using flawed data that instills fear in voters. Immigrants try to find their place here; It is therefore sad to see that we are being used as political pawns by the parties,” Claire Launay said in a press release.

Several personalities answered the call, including Émile Bilodeau and Renzel Dashington.