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Denis Lévesque: “My father was reported missing” | Hollywoodpq.com – HollywoodPQ

Denis Levesque was invited to the set ToTV childrenwhere he told viewers a painful episode from his childhood that is still poignant for him.

The journalist spoke about this difficult period in his life after re-watching a role at the time of the broadcast in which he played a character suffering from Alzheimer's disease Tested on humans. This experience reminded him of the loss of his father.

“My acting was determined by the fact that my father was missing for many months when I was 18, in 1976. And we didn't know where he was for months. It was as if he had blown a fuse, as they say in Latin. Since my mother had cancer, the prognosis wasn't very good. Then he was depressed. Then he left. We didn't hear from him for a few months. And then they found him in New York. He was completely lost, he was in distress. He sought treatment, he came back (…),” says Denis Lévesque, vulnerable and touched.

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A story that still stirs him today.

“It still moves me to talk about it… there you have it…” the experienced journalist and interviewer concludes with difficulty.

A moment that moved those present on set, including the presenter André Robitaille.

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A story that touches the heart.