Marisa Monte asks the TSE to veto parody jingles in

Marisa Monte asks the TSE to veto parody jingles in the elections: “Psychologically tortured

Singer expressed her dissatisfaction that candidates with whom she has no affinity are using her songs in a distorted way

GISELE PIMENTA/ISHOOT/ESTADÃO CONTENTThe singer and composer Marisa Monte performed at the Teatro Positivo in Curitiba
Marisa Monte states that she has “35 years of professional experience and an attitude of political neutrality.”

The singer and songwriter Marisa Monte requested the TSE (Supreme Electoral Court), which allows artists to veto the use of their works by candidates in elections. During a public hearing at the Electoral Tribunal, Marisa said she felt “morally and psychologically tortured” when she saw candidates with whom she had no affinity using their songs in a distorted way as campaign jingles. With a career spanning 35 years and an attitude of political neutrality, Marisa Monte expressed her concern about the possibility of forced use and falsification of her works, especially in light of the innovations in artificial intelligence political campaigns. “I make it a point to always express my values ​​clearly, and I feel hurt by the possibility of my work being coercively used and distorted in a political campaign, even more so with all the possibilities that artificial intelligence brings said the artist.


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The request was presented during a public hearing chaired by the Vice President of the TSE, Minister Cármen Lúcia. In three days of meetings, 80 people were heard and 945 suggestions were received to improve the resolutions for this year's local elections. Marisa Monte argued about the moral injury that parody can pose to authors of works, emphasizing that although parody is an exception in copyright law, it has a specific humorous purpose. When used in electoral propaganda, it creates a misuse of purpose in promoting a candidacy, ideology or party. Procura Saber Association President Paula Lavigne also stressed the need for clearer rules on private campaign fundraising and sought transparency and legal certainty. Minister Cármen Lúcia announced that all proposals received during the contribution period will be examined by the court.