Did you know that alcoholic beverages increase the risk of

Did you know that alcoholic beverages increase the risk of cancer? School education

Alcoholic beverages represent a worldwide fever that is present as a cultural factor in the most diverse regions of the world. There are even studies showing that drinking can be an important form of socialization. However, this cannot be an excuse to avoid contraindications. Finally, Alcohol increases the risk of cancer.

Restriction to two drinks per week

Everyone already knows that you have to drink in moderation. However, there still seems to be a lot of controversy about what amount we could actually call moderate.

For example, until recently, the limit for consuming alcoholic beverages was 10 to 15 drinks per week.

However, that cutoff has been drastically lowered based on new studies published as part of a new BC cancer campaign.

In this case, the institution warns about the risks of excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages and sets a very radical limit: two drinks a week is the healthy limit to prevent the development of cancer.

Because every year it becomes clearer how alcohol can lead to liver cancer in the body. Nevertheless, little is said about it in the media, mainly because of the advertising influence of the big beer companies.

Anyhow, it is necessary to state the obvious: that there is a link between alcohol and cancer.

Be careful when consuming alcoholic beverages

For most people, drinking beer or wine is an excellent way to relieve stress, and that’s a fact.

As such, meeting friends from work or college around a bar table can be an interesting way to have fun and ease the emotional strain of the week a bit. However, it is essential to pay attention to the limit.

According to BC Cancer, there are approximately 7,000 alcoholrelated cancer cases in Canada each year.

Including not only liver cancer, as there is already a connection with other cancers such as mouth, larynx and other cancers. Nonetheless, it is an invitation to all to reflect on excessive drinking.