Eurovision, Marco Mengoni Awarded for Best Composition

With the song Due Vite, Marco Mengoni won the Marcel Bezençon Composer Award for Best Composition, given by the composers of the songs competing in the final of the Eurovision Song Contest. This is Italy’s second award after Mahmood’s for Soldi in 2019.

Kneeling on stage with eyes closed and tongue out at the end of the performance: Marco Mengoni, who finished eleventh out of the 26 artists in the competition, gave his all tonight at the Liverpool Arena, home of the final of the Eurovision Song Contest . Intense interpretation of his Due Vite, with which he won the Sanremo Festival in February, here in a newly arranged version.

Marco Mengoni on stage with Italian and rainbow flags

In addition to the Italian flag, Marco Mengoni brought the rainbow flag, a symbol of peace, to the stage for the first presentation of the 26 artists who competed in the final of the Eurovision Song Contest in Liverpool. Five other colors, white, pink, blue, brown and black, placed sideways almost like a badge or maybe as a reminder. It is the Lgbtqi flag that Marco Mengoni waved on stage at the Eurovision Song Contest tonight. It was designed by graphic designer Daniel Quasar to make the famous rainbow flag even more inclusive. The new color stripes are dedicated to the black community, the transgender community, HIV patients and those who have died fighting for rights.

In an ideal connection between Kiev, where this year’s Eurovision Song Contest should have taken place, and Liverpool, chosen as an alternative venue, the Kalush Orchestra, last year’s winner and speaker of the Ukrainian drama, opens the 2023 final with the play Stefania and with a Film starring British artists of the caliber Andrew Lloyd Webber, Sam Ryder and Joss Stone. Kate Middleton, Princess of Wales also made guest appearances on the piano.

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