Education a concrete plan not promises

Education: a concrete plan, not promises

One has to be blind not to see that the educational network is more than exhausted. Early retirements and the dissatisfaction of young teachers are very clear signs that he has been breaking the breaking point for years.

– In collaboration with Luc Papineau

The school network is like a boat that takes on water everywhere and for which selective measures no longer work. Each faulty element affects other parts of the system that are already weakened.

For example, the lack of staff is caused by the working conditions, the definition of the task, the composition of the classes, the management of staff from another time, creating several areas where intervention would be necessary to solve a single problem.

priority list

In the near future, the Minister of Education would benefit from settling the famous issue of teacher training and status. Is the qualifying Master really the solution? Should the current professional integration system be reviewed to promote stability?

The existence of a network of private schools and specific selective programs leads to the formation of groups in the regular public sector that are often dysfunctional and increase the workload. They then require specialized resources that we simply don’t have.

Likewise, at the drop-out level, we must not only be interested in gaining practices in the schools, but also implement them!

How can the balance of physical condition of schools be so different with overall comparable CSS? Currently we are investing so much money to fix the mistakes of the past that we will not have money to prevent buildings from deteriorating.

Finally, it might be time to witness the transformation of the Department of Education. Established in 1964 following the Parent Report, the organization has aged rather poorly and, according to experts, does not have an effective management policy.

room for debate

Solving the problems plaguing the education network requires patience and energy, which runs counter to the voters’ solutions. We need to bring hope back to the people working on it with a precise plan, not the fruitless promises that have been made in recent years.

Educational actors have been calling for a Parents 2.0 Commission for years. They insist it is nothing like the famous Rendez-vous for Educational Success held at the invitation of Minister Roberge, with the more than mixed results we know today.

After the 2018 election, Mr Legault said he would work with opposition parties even if his government had a majority: “If there are good ideas, we can borrow them and give them credit at the same time.”

We can only hope that Mr Legault’s party really does make education its priority, as he likes to reiterate.

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