Elderly man dies body found at home in UK 6

Elderly man dies, body found at home in UK 6 years later

1 of 1 Elderly man dies and body found 6 years later at home in UK Photo: Unsplash Elderly man dies and body found 6 years later at home in UK Photo: Unsplash

Six years after his death, the body of 70yearold Robert Alton was discovered in Bolton, in the greater Manchester area of ​​northwest England, in March.

The body was found in the home where the elderly man lived by an employee of Bolton at Home, the group that owns this and 18,000 other homes in the area.

The Guardian newspaper said the clerk forced his way into the property to conduct an inspection and discovered Alton’s body. Next to the body were a twofoottall pile of unopened mail, foodstuffs with a bestbefore date of 2017, and reading glasses on a May 4 TV magazine of the same year.

“The subsequent police and forensic investigation concluded that Robert’s death was not suspicious and that he probably died in May 2017,” Noel Sharpe, director of the group, said in a statement.

The Guardian explained that the landlord continued to receive Alton’s rent automatically through housing benefit. However, the municipalities have apparently not taken any measures to increase back taxes.

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According to Sharpe, the Bolton at Home group had made several attempts over the years to contact Alton to organize gas safety checks, but these were not enough.

“Everyone at Bolton at Home was deeply shocked by this and we know that it will upset and upset people to learn that the body has remained undiscovered for so long,” Sharpe said. “It is totally unacceptable to us that something like this happened and we have taken measures to reduce the risk of something like this happening again.”

When the body was discovered in March, Greater Manchester Metropolitan County Police conducted a search for possible relatives and acquaintances of Alton, but no one was located or commented on.

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