1683878786 Oriana and the argument with Elenoire Ferruzzi at Signorinis party

Oriana and the argument with Elenoire Ferruzzi at Signorini’s party: Daniele is my friend

Dispute between the two ex-Vippones Oriana Marzoli and Elenoire Ferruzzi on Alfonso Signorini’s birthday. In the video, which went viral on social media, the Venezuelan influencer can be heard yelling, “He’s my boyfriend.” The reference refers to Daniele Dal Moro, for whom Elenoire also had a crush.

Oriana and the argument with Elenoire Ferruzzi at Signorinis party

Alfonso Signorini made it 59 years old. For this occasion, the conductor of the GF Vip organized one Big party with all the Vipponi from recent and past issues, such as Alex Belli and Delia Duran, Giacomo Urtis. A party more discussed by the guests and shared on social networks, where there was also one bickering. Eleanor Ferruzzi And Oriana Marzoli They were the protagonists of a little argument before the cake was cut. The video of the moment went viral on Twitter.

The quarrel between Oriana and Elenoire while cutting the wheel

Oriana and Elenoire have bad blood over Daniele Dal Moro and the two former Gieffines have never hidden a certain dislike. Dislike which led to a small argument before the cake was cut during Alfonso Signorini’s birthday party. According to the video taken by Giacomo Urtis from a live Instagram, the two Vippones started shouting at each other. It’s not known with certainty what started the argument, but Oriana can be heard screaming, “Honey, you used to lick my butt until two days ago!”. Speaking then of Daniel: “He is my friend”. Elenoire replied: “But who ever shagged you?” There are some on Twitter who suspect the tones were tongue-in-cheek, while others believe it was an exchange of digs, as both have a soft spot for Daniele.

The antipathy between Elenoire and Oriana

Between Oriana and Elenoire never existed tuning. Even though the two ex-Vippones never met in the GF Vip’s house (the first entered some time after leaving the second), they had one thing in common: Interested in Daniele Dal Moro. Elenoire was interested in her roommate (which was not reciprocated) because she believed he softened her eyes and that some of his looks spoke for themselves. However, the model has always denied a relationship that goes beyond friendship. He then approached Oriana, to whom he is still engaged, in the House of Representatives. It’s a shaky bond, but one that now seems to have found its balance.