Eleonora Riso the winner of MasterChef 13 I39m happy but

Eleonora Riso, the winner of MasterChef 13: “I'm happy, but I'm not over everything yet: I dedicate the victory to the disadvantaged.” Niccolò? We talk often.”

He wordlessly widened his eyes and almost looked for confirmation in the looks of his fellow competitors Antonio and Michela. Then she exploded in disbelief: “That doesn’t make any sense, oh my God. How the hell did I do that?” Eleonora Riso, 27 years old, waitress from Florence, won MasterChef 13 by appearing amid dazed faces, strange noises to express nervousness, good days and bad: “It wasn't a choice, That's how I am.” I am a disadvantaged person, a shy person, with imposter syndrome, a person who is unable to please himself and who thinks that he cannot do it: I dedicate victory those who are like me.”

The final certificates: Eleonora 10, Antonio 8.5, Richter 8

Eleonora, how are you feeling after you won?
“I'm happy, but I'm not quite finished yet, otherwise I would stop going to the psychologist (smiles, editor's note). Showing myself as I am, with my weaknesses, has always been my way of approaching others. Over the years, I realized that if I didn't hide, I could get to know people who were more like me and develop a deeper relationship with them. Also in relation to my eating disorders.”

What eating disorders have you suffered from?
“Anorexia nervosa and bulimia. I have no problem saying it because I immediately realized that if I talked about it I would also understand it better. Now I'm fine, I eat a lot of butter! (smiles again, editor’s note).”

What will you do after victory?
“Now I'm going with the flow, I want to learn to cook properly and then I'm going to work hard to achieve my goal: to move to the country and use the space for growing crops, keeping animals and entertaining people. I dream of a house with rooms and a restaurant where you can feel comfortable.”

You said you had chaos in your head and were looking for balance. Did you find it thanks to MasterChef and cooking? Do you think it's important to talk about these mental health issues on the show?
“The search for balance in my life will never end, I think… But understanding which path I want to take gives me great peace. Before studying, I didn't know I wanted to cook professionally, but I already had the idea of ​​a house in the country. MasterChef confirmed that I really wanted to do this. What the audience saw, well, that person was actually me. I am happy that others who have been me may have been able to gain strength and see themselves again, even if only in a small way.”

I have to ask you: is there something tender with Niccolò?
(Long pause.) “We have a wonderful relationship, we're very close, but I still have to understand what it is… We talk often and see each other every now and then, like with others on the show.”

Are you satisfied with a particular dish?
“Never 100% satisfied: I approached this competition differently than the others, each dish was a competition in itself and I thought I wouldn't win every competition.” For me, bringing something of my own means striving for perfection and it's impossible to reach them. But I believed in myself a little bit, come on, and I did it.

Your favorite judge?
“I had a great time with everyone, I didn't expect that the people who work as MasterChef judges could be so human.” But what I carry in my heart is Cannavacciuolo, because he has always been there for me, alone His look, so much strength, so much drive, that was of fundamental importance. I still feel it.

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