Elle Fanning lost a role due to a lack of

Elle Fanning lost a role due to a lack of Instagram followers

American actress Elle Fanning was relegated from her role for a very sad reason.

During her audition she didn’t have enough followers on the counter! She revealed this in a recent episode of the podcast:Happy, sad, confused“.

“One time I didn’t get a role in a big movie because – maybe not only because of that, but that’s the feedback I got – I didn’t have enough ‘Instagram followers,'” she explained. “I can’t believe we couldn’t get a role because of that.”

The Maleficent star, who now has more than 6 million followers on Instagram, was also asked if she was under pressure to join big studio franchises like Marvel, DC Studios or Star Wars to stay relevant in his job .

“I don’t feel like that,” she explained. “Actually, it does something for people, but you also don’t know if it will work, and that’s also scary.”

Elle Fanning began her acting career at the age of three with her older sister Dakota. She made her name in 2014 playing Princess Aurora in Disney’s Maleficent. She reprized that role for the 2019 sequel.

Elle Fanning is currently promoting the third season of The Great on Hulu, in which she stars alongside Nicholas Hoult.