Pedro Cardoso reports verbal aggression by the Brazilian consulate in

Pedro Cardoso reports “verbal aggression” by the Brazilian consulate in Lisbon; Organ is pronounced Emais

Pedro Cardoso revealed he was deported and “verbally assaulted” at the Brazilian consulate in Lisbon. The actor revealed the events on Thursday 11th on social media.

In the Stories of his Instagram profile, the artist explained that he had to go there to renew the passports of his wife Graziella Moretto and one of his daughters. he is the father of Maria23 years old, and mable13.

“I am not looked after because they only help the person if they make an appointment. However, I’ve been trying to plan my family’s passport renewal for three weeks, but I can’t. The Brazilian consular service was crazy, Brazilians weren’t allowed in, the outbreak began.

Pedro explained that he tried to make an appointment on the website but was unsuccessful and that he felt humiliated when he reported his difficulties to the Vice Consul.

“I was being expelled when a man came and said he was the vice consul, asked what my question was and invited me. When I walked in he asked if anyone felt disrespected and began to interrogate me. He called the police to lay hands on me. “The police did not use force and I did not resist,” he said.

In the caption of the publication, Cardoso also commented on the stressful moment. “Aggression in the Brazilian consulate in Lisbon. “I was verbally assaulted by an official who introduced himself as the Vice Consul,” he wrote.

The consulate comments on Pedro Cardoso’s allegations

In a note sent to Estadão, the Brazilian consulate general in Lisbon stressed the need to agree on a passport extension and confirmed that the actor was “requested to withdraw” due to “disrespectful behavior”. Check out the full statement:

“Although there was no appointment, on the morning of Thursday 11th, the Brazilian Consulate General in Lisbon visited the above Brazilian citizen and informed him of the need to arrange services through the eConsular platform. The practice of scheduling appointments represents a significant advance in the provision of consular services, as it allows assistance with a precise day and time, thus avoiding the formation of queues. The national in question was ordered to leave the consulate after he behaved disrespectfully, a fact observed by dozens of citizens treated at the time of the incident. The Brazilian Consulate General in Lisbon serves the public with courtesy and makes continuous efforts to ensure efficiency in the delivery of services.”