Emigrate to Spain with a work visa Cuba directory

Emigrate to Spain with a work visa Cuba directory

As a member of the European Union (EU), Spain is the most popular destination for many Cubans looking to emigrate due to its culture and historical ties. Only the United States accepts more Cuban migrants than the Iberian country, which is why some are exploring options for emigration, such as a work visa to Spain. What news is there on this topic?

Those lucky enough to obtain Spanish citizenship enjoy benefits such as permanent residence and work in Spain, participation in elections, and travel and work in any European country without difficulty.

After the USA, Germany and the United Kingdom, Spain is one of the countries that receives the most emigrants in the world. In addition, the Spanish population exceeded 48 million inhabitants in 2023, a “demographic record” also due to the increase in immigration of foreigners. 82.9% of this population was born in Spain and 17.1% in other countries.

What is needed to emigrate to Spain on a work visa?

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs points out that the work visa for Spain is a “visa for persons over 16 years of age who wish to carry out an employed work activity with an employment contract in Spain” and is essential for any foreigner who wishes to work in the said country.

To apply for this type of visa, the following documents must be submitted: a national visa form. A current photo. A valid passport. An initial permit to stay and work as an employee. An employment contract. A criminal record certificate.

In addition, a medical certificate certified by the Ministry of Health under the national license plate certification process and apostilled by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Proof of residence in the consular district. Proof of the representative's identity and legal capacity and payment of the visa fee. The following document officially expands on all this information. Click here.

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