Emma Marrone her brother swears as a firefighter and she

Emma Marrone, her brother, swears as a firefighter and she wears her father’s jacket

03 October 2022 09:21

Francesco Marrone dedicated the important milestone to his father Rosario, who died a month ago

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“I swear! you are our pride We love you so much,” Marrone wrote on Instagram alongside the shots with her brother Francesco in uniform. At this important moment, the two brothers also wanted to remember Father Rosario, who died of leukemia at the beginning of September.

For the occasion, Emma wore her father’s jacket while Francesco spoke to him at that fateful moment. “I screamed with all my might for my voice to reach you,” he wrote on Instagram, posting the video of the oath. And again via social media, the big sister reassured him, “She’s gone beyond space.”

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