EN VIDEO A traffic cop is pushed by a car

[EN VIDÉO] A traffic cop is pushed by a car near a construction site in Montreal

A traffic signals man endured hellish minutes in Montreal this week when a driver tried to force passage on a road closed for work.

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The disturbing incident happened at the intersection of Rue Saint-Antoine and Avenue Atwater.

The signalman even went so far as to endanger his life by blocking the oncoming vehicle with his body.

A video posted on TikTok shows the confrontation between the flagman and a blue Kia.

Although the worker stands in front of the driver and asks him to stop, the car continues to speed towards the closed road for a few seconds.

An angry construction worker jumps in and keeps yelling at the driver, “Turn around and go!”

The person in the vehicle stops, but tries in vain to negotiate. In the end he backs down.

According to the person who filmed the images, the SPVM police intervened five minutes later.

problematic side

This is not the first unfortunate event in this place.

Many motorists try to avoid the overtaking signs. However, this is causing traffic and slowing down traffic in the area, confirms Ricardo Gomez, a retailer who spoke to TVANouvelles.ca on the phone.

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According to him, since work began on this critical intersection, similar incidents have been happening every day.

Work on this site started in autumn 2022 and is expected to be completed in autumn 2023.

Full closures of Rue Saint-Antoine are planned during the carriageway reconstruction, which appears to be the case this week.