1683918141 end of aging Scientists make SHOCKING discovery in new study

end of aging? Scientists make SHOCKING discovery in new study

Aging is not an activity that people generally enjoy, most would like to eliminate this function from the body. Recently, however, the world has been informed that scientists have figured out how to slow down the aging process.

There are several skin rejuvenation methods on the current market, but not all of them are fully effective. However, the University of California managed to find very valuable information that can not only help rejuvenation, but also prevent rapid aging.

In addition, published data showed that the technique can achieve 82% efficacy in humans. All of this was done with a study based on yeasts, which are unicellular fungi.

Photo Credit: Aarontura TV/Reproduction

How can mushrooms help us?

According to researchers on the project led by the University of California, San Diego, there are two types of aging in yeast. One of these relies on the breakdown of the mitochondria, while the second process relies on DNA, the area of ​​the fungus that carries all of the genetic information.

Taking these factors into account, the researchers decided to test the hypothesis that it was possible to slow down the yeast aging process. After so much work, they finally came to the conclusion that this was possible.

When it was successful in yeast, they realized it could work in humans too, because there are regulatory circuits of genes that perform the function of aging in the human body.

As the experts working on this project mentioned earlier, they realized that by altering the cells, it might be possible to control the unwanted aging process.

When such modifications are then put into practice, the cells responsible for executing the circuit result in a genetic change that causes the cells in question to bring about two states that can allow for a longer process to delay the process process to produce cell degeneration.

Eventually, if this project succeeds, it could be even longer before people reach old age.