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The American startup Humanefounded by former Apple employees, presented at a conference E file last April an innovative wearable device equipped with artificial intelligence.

Video clips of this presentation were posted online after the event, however the full demo is now available on YouTube (video below).

The handheld device consists of a small black box equipped with a camera, projector and speaker. During the 13-minute presentation Imran Chaudhrione of the co-founders of Humane, demonstrated several examples of the use of this technology on the front of his jacket.

Towards a screenless world?

At the beginning of the video (1:48), he receives a phone call through the device, which shows the name of the person he is talking to and icons for answering or rejecting the call. All of it without a smartphone because the interface is projected directly into his palm. In another scene, the co-founder of Humane speaks a sentence that the device, thanks to artificial intelligence, translates with the voice of Imran Chaudhri and reproduces orally in another language.

Another sequence shows that the integrated camera is able to analyze a dish, provide information about its composition and warn the user if it contains ingredients to which he would be allergic.

Imran Chaudhri, who has worked as a designer at Apple for more than twenty years, presented Humane’s innovation as a alternative solution to a world where attention is captured by screens. According to him, like smartphones or augmented reality glasses, they create “an additional barrier between you and the world”.

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