1683909877 End of passwords You are a vast majority who believe

End of passwords: You are a vast majority who believe it – Frandroid

While Google, like Apple, marks the beginning of the end of passwords, we wanted to know if you believe in it. It was our poll of the week, here are the results.

End of passwords You are a vast majority who believe

As Google in turn introduces passkeys, the future of traditional passwords is obviously in doubt. Because it’s not just the Mountain View company leading this initiative. Apple had already started there, as had 1Password. In general, most tech giants have committed to adopting this new authentication method.

Specifically, users no longer need to enter a password to access a service. All you need is an available device that can be used as an authenticator. A connection can then be validated using a PIN code or a biometric method such as face recognition or a fingerprint reader.

Passkeys are said to be more secure than passwords, particularly due to their two-key system. A public key of the website you’re trying to access and a private key that only the user has – and you can’t just guess your private key with a public key.

Although you may use a password manager, you will one day say goodbye to passwords.

The End of Passwords?

This inspired us to ask a question for our weekly poll: Do you believe in the end of passwords? Most sustainable solution or initiative doomed to failure? Here are the results.

poll of the week

Overall, you are a very good majority who believe in the end of passwords, although for 53% of you it will still be a long time. On the other hand, 26.8% of those surveyed have already started doing without it. “It would be really great not to have to enter passwords anymore. “Since I’ve already been able to test Passkey, it works quite well, I like it very much,” confirms BoubouGaming in particular.

For refractories, 15.3% of the participants think too many changes are needed. It may just be a story about habits and uses. After all, 4.9% of people find this development scary, no more and no less.

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