1683909989 Lech Walesa calls for a propaganda fight Tirol

Lech Walesa calls for a propaganda fight Tirol

One must try to convince all Russians that they are living in a wrong system and that they themselves will change it – as he explained at the time with his revolution against the communist regime in Poland and the subsequent fall of the founding Iron Curtain and former president of the Solidarność trade union.

Raise awareness and inform people in Russia

The 79-year-old warned that this propaganda fight had to be promoted through television, leaflets and various other means. Too much power is being used these days, instead you have to fight more politically and raise awareness and inform people in Russia. “Every day they should hear that they are dying in a meaningless war, that they are living in a wrong system.”

Lech Walesa with interpreter

ORF Nobel Peace Prize Winner Lech Walesa Called for a Political Struggle or a Propaganda Struggle

People in the West must believe in themselves, just like people in Russia, in order to overcome the system around President Vladimir Putin: “I also got the revolution back then – without tanks and rockets.”

When asked if he saw any chance of a quick peace and how it could be achieved, Walesa replied, “It’s up to you,” Walesa repeatedly said, as he was only an electrician. Putin turned the whole world against Russia with the war of aggression: “The whole world should put Russia in order. We have a big chance. The world is mobilized”.

“You have to talk to each other. It’s better to talk.”

Negotiations between the US and Russia would make sense, said the former Polish president, who was in office from 1990 to 1995, when asked: “You need to talk to each other. It’s better to talk.” However, there will only be lasting success if Russian leaders recognize at the same time that they also need to initiate system change in their own country.It is important for the West to seize the opportunity to “put order in Russia”.

“If you want to talk to Putin, then you should invite me, then I’ll have the talks with him,” Walesa made clear, as usual. According to Walesa, who claimed that the Russian leadership put €5 million in “prize money” on his head, the Russian head of state had to be made aware of all available threats.

Lech Walesa

From today’s perspective, President Zelenskyy is a hero for Walesa

Asked whether he considers Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy a hero, Walesa said: “From today’s perspective, yes. But you can see a little lack of experience. If he makes small mistakes, you have to turn a blind eye.”

For example, he said he was not prepared to engage and help him, Walesa, after he offered to create “world solidarity” with other Nobel laureates. “And that’s why I’m unemployed now and here with you,” laughed the former president.

Criticism of the lack of US arms deliveries

Walesa criticized the US role in Ukraine and in general: “Russia is destroying Ukraine and President Biden is not giving weapons so that Ukraine can be saved”. The 1983 Nobel Peace Prize winner questioned the idea of ​​helping Ukraine and countries like Poland.

“The American people always help, but politicians have always done politics. I am wondering if this president will do the same.” Other than that, he likes Biden in principle, he’s pretty determined. Walesa, on the other hand, was less impressed with Donald Trump’s predecessor, who may run again for president, and echoed earlier statements that he often made the right diagnosis but administered the wrong medicine.

Listeners sit in the aisle

ORF Walesa gave a lecture at the invitation of the Management Center Innsbruck (MCI).

Although the US is still the world leader militarily, it is no longer as economically strong and politically weak. They would have lost the overall leadership role. “We must help them get them back, otherwise the world will be in danger.”

“I brought down the Soviet Union”

When asked if Walesa would do anything different with his life, he replied: “I wouldn’t change a thing. I’m satisfied with everything, I got everything. That may sound snobbish, but it’s a fact. I brought down the Soviet Union.”

In his country, he plays only a minimal role, admits Walesa, who was elected after just one term and ran again unsuccessfully in 2000: “Everyone listens to me, but it doesn’t look like they listen to me.” again, Walesa criticized the current government for breaking the Basic Law, alluding to the controversial reform of the judiciary, among other things.

Lech Walesa brown shirt


By the way, Walesa, who was in poor health, showed up for the interview in a shirt “decked out” with safety pins representing the Ukrainian flag and the Virgin Mary. The Polish icon was in the Tyrolean capital at the invitation of the Management Center Innsbruck (MCI) and gave a lecture on the theme “Peace, Freedom & Democracy. Reflections on the future of Europe”.