Energy prices Quebecers fear the onset of winter

Energy prices: Quebecers fear the onset of winter

Nearly 70% of Quebecers fear a rise in energy prices as winter approaches, according to a poll published by HelloSafe on Thursday.

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Quebecers are more concerned about this issue than the national average (67.7%).

About 80% of Quebec respondents said they would support a freeze on government energy prices, but 60.5% opposed financial support in the form of a “cheque”.

Almost 62% of respondents said they plan to reduce their energy consumption this winter to offset a possible increase. Additionally, 32.4% said they are ready to install new generation, less energy consuming appliances, while 18.5% plan to switch to greener energies.

Only 9.8% of Quebecers said they would consider switching energy suppliers to pay less, much less than nationally (14.8%).

The survey was conducted in October 2022 among 1068 Canadians.