New show Andreanne A Mallette around the campfire with her

New show: Andréanne A. Mallette around the campfire with her friends

Andréanne A. Malette is hosting and producing the new music show Campfire, available on the paid platform WhiteBox Play.

For the occasion, the former academic pulls out a protocol to chat with 2Frères, Brigitte Boisjoli, Claude Cobra, Corneille, David Laflèche, Marie-Mai, Michel Rivard, Mara Tremblay and Vincent Vallières. All these beautiful people sing, of course, to the delight of the viewers.

“I have long had a desire to bring artists I love together around a fire to chat and hear their songs in their raw state, stripping them of arrangements to find their first essence. This exposure resulted in great moments of vulnerability, reflection and laughter. Total simplicity. And you can never have too much of that. Getting back to basics, in life as in music, doing something real instead of beautiful, will always be my primary mission. And every time I realize that it’s even nicer when I try to do the original,” said Andréanne A. Malette.

Filming for the four approximately 75-minute episodes took place at a brasserie in Shefford, in the Eastern Townships, and Andréanne A. Mallette again added her touch by providing direction and artistic direction.