Ephemeris what happened today February 17th International Day of Responsible

Ephemeris what happened today February 17th: International Day of Responsible Gaming La Voz del Interior

2023 – RESPONSIBLE GAMING. International Responsible Gaming Day is celebrated to raise societal awareness of the negative effects of gambling addiction of any kind.

The date was first set by the European Betting and Gaming Association (EGBA) and later introduced by a United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) convention.

More ephemeris

1673 – MOLIERE DEATH. French poet, actor and playwright Molière (Jean-Baptiste Poquelin) dies in Paris at the age of 51 after feeling unwell during the performance of his play The Imaginary Patient. Moliere, author of the famous “Tartuffe” and “The Miser”, among others, is one of the great French playwrights.

1913 – THOMAS EDISON. The American inventor and businessman Thomas Alva Edison presents the first public test of his sound film apparatus, which synchronized the projection of images with the sound of a phonograph located behind the screen, in a New York theater.

Thomas Alva Edison. (Archive)

1948 – DEATH OF ENRIQUE FINOCHIETTO. Physician, teacher and researcher Enrique Finochietto, inventor of numerous surgical techniques, devices and instruments, died in Buenos Aires at the age of 66.

Finochietto’s students dubbed him “King of the Scalpel” after his death in 1948.

1960 – ELVIS PRESLEY. The king of American rock ‘n’ roll, as Elvis Presley is also known, receives his first gold record for the album Elvis, the second studio album by the popular American singer, released in 1956 and containing twelve songs.

Elvis Presley at Madison Square Garden in 1972 (AP)

1963 – MICHAEL JORDAN IS BORN. Former American basketball player Michael Jordan, considered the greatest basketball player of all time, was born in New York City (New York, USA). He won six National Basketball Association (NBA) championships and ten scoring titles with the Chicago Bulls.

Michael Jordan. (AP/File)

1972 – BILLIE J. ARMSTRONG IS BORN. Born in the city of Oakland (California, USA), American musician and composer Billy Joe Armstrong, guitarist, singer and frontman of the punk rock band Green Day.

Billie Joe Armstrong.

1975 – HIGH VOLTAGE. The album High Voltage, the first by famous Australian hard rock band AC/DC, is released in Australia. Released on the world market in 1976, the album contains eight songs, including the cover “Baby, please don’t go”.

1991 – ED SHEERAN IS BORN. British musician and singer Ed Sheeran was born in the city of Halifax (Yorkshire, England) and has recorded four albums, for which he has won more than twenty awards, including two Grammys.

1994 – FLOWER MASSACRE. Businessman Fructuoso Álvarez González sets fire to the Bagnato family home in the Flores neighborhood of Buenos Aires with liquid phosphorus, killing five of its six occupants. Matías Bagnato was the sole survivor of the attack. Álvarez González caused the fire because he could not collect a claim from his partner José Bagnato, which he had been threatened with, the court ruled.

Fertile Álvarez González.

2005 – OMAR SÍVORI ​​HAS PASSED AWAY. At the age of 69 died former footballer Enrique Omar Sívori, a figure for River Plate and Italy’s Juventus Turin, winner of the European Ballon d’Or in 1961. Throughout his career in these teams and in the Argentina national teams, he died in Buenos Aires and Italy scored 228 goals in a total of 441 games. A grandstand of the monumental stadium bears his name.

Enrique Omar Sivori.

Other ephemeris

1810.- A decree by the French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte declares Rome the second capital of the Empire, the Italian city where he will be crowned for the second time.

1899.- The municipality of Los Reyes La Paz is founded in the state of Mexico and consists of the cities of La Magdalena Atlicpac, San Sebastián Chimalpa, San Salvador Tecamachalco and Los Reyes Acaquilpan.

1824.- The Congress of Peru appoints Simón Bolívar as the supreme political and military authority and suspends the constitution.

1905.- Grand Duke Sergius of Russia, uncle of Tsar Nicholas II, is assassinated in a terrorist bomb attack in Moscow.

1934.-Leopold III. of Belgium ascends the throne after the accidental death of his father, King Albert I.

1936.- Colonel Rafael Franco’s military declaration overthrows the President of Paraguay, the liberal Eusebio Ayala.

.- The first issue of The Phantom comic, precursor to the superhero comic, is published.

1949.- British Zionist leader Chaim Weizmann Hayim Waissman is elected the first President of the State of Israel.

1959.- The US space program Vanguard puts a weather satellite into orbit.

1969.- Peru and the USSR sign the first bilateral trade agreement after establishing diplomatic relations.

1979.- Chinese troops invade the Soviet-backed Socialist Republic of Vietnam, a conflict that lasted 27 days.

1986.- The 12 member countries of the EEC sign the Single European Act, the first reform of the Treaties of Rome, in Luxembourg and The Hague (Netherlands).

1994.- Technology giant Apple unveils its first digital camera, the QuickTake 100, a breakthrough product that didn’t sell.

1995.- Peru and Ecuador sign the “Itamaraty Peace Declaration” over a border dispute in Brasilia.

1996.- The world chess champion, the Russian Gari Kasparov, beats the IBM Deep Blue computer in the sixth and final game of the game in Philadelphia (USA).

2000.- The multinational computer group Microsoft launches the Windows 2000 operating system.

2003.- A mentally ill man causes a subway fire in Daegu (South Korea), killing 192 people.

.- The technology company Google announces the acquisition of Blogger, the most popular blog creation and publishing service on the web.

2004.- The Dutch parliament approves the expulsion of 26,000 foreigners who had applied for political asylum.

2008.- The regional parliament of majority Albanian Kosovo unilaterally proclaims the independence of Serbia.


1745.- Alejandro Volta, Italian physicist, inventor of the electric battery that bears his name.

1821.- María Dolores Eliza Rosanna Gilbert, “Lola Montes”, Irish dancer and adventuress.

1836.- Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer, Spanish Romantic poet.

1850.- Wenceslao Ramírez de Villa-Urrutia, Spanish diplomat and writer, born in Havana.

1874.- Thomas John Watson, American businessman, founder of the IBM computer company.

1916.- Raf Vallone, Italian actor and film director.

1934.- Alan Bates, British actor.


1957.- Loreena McKennitt, Canadian singer, harpist and pianist. 1963.- Michael Jordan, American basketball player.

1981.- Paris Hilton, American actress and designer.

1996.- Sasha Pieterse, American actress and singer, born in South Africa.


1673.- Jean-Baptiste Poquelin, “Moliére”, French writer.

1856.- Heinrich Heine, German romantic poet.

1894.- Francisco Asenjo Barbieri, Spanish composer.

1915.- Francisco Giner de los Ríos, Spanish educator and writer, founder of the Institución Libre de Enseñanza.

1937.- Pierre de Cobuertin, French, promoter of the modern Olympic Games.

1982.- Thelonious Monk, American jazz pianist and composer.

1987.- Dimitri Kabaleski, Soviet composer.

1996.- Herta Frankel, Spanish puppeteer.

1998.- Ernst Jiinger, German philosopher and writer.

2004.- José López Portillo, former President of Mexico.

2006.- Ray Barretto, American musician of Puerto Rican origin, one of the most outstanding composers and performers of Latin jazz.

2010.- Kathryn Grayson, American actress.

2016.- Andrzej Zulawski, Polish filmmaker.

Source: own and agencies.