PHOTOS Casandra Ascencio steals sighs in tight black swimsuit

PHOTOS | Casandra Ascencio steals sighs in tight black swimsuit

Happiness in a woman is often the reason a man is around her just to see him happy. This is taken into account if this woman is your friend, partner or special someone, someone who makes your world a happier place. This is very well understood by the people close to them Casandra Ascencioa woman who stood out Participation in Exatlón Mexico and that she has always kept her audience loyal following this reality show.

And it is that the 31-year-old girl usually conquers just by performing in front of the camera. As one of the top competitors in this hit TV show TV Azteca, Cassandra He always knows how to cheer up his followers and, incidentally, please his student with a postcard that will make her nervous.

This is the case with the latest images posted on his Instagram accountwhere he testifies his shapely figure based on trainingwho seduces with a very revealing outfit.

Casandra Ascencio poses in a bathing suit

We begin this story by emphasizing the joy with which Ascencio manages to capture his attention 988,000 followers on Instagram. As a girl who usually shares many facets of her everyday life, she is able to be honest with every photo, open to knowing her world and being a part of it.

For this reason, Cassandra showed some photos during her stay Green Sand Beach, is located in South Point, Hawaii.

Cassandra conquered Hawaii

The trouble was worth it

With a bright smile and a tight black swimsuit, Casandra Ascencio showed that she’s ready to keep giving good times, making loved ones happy and starting a family. Since the beach was his location back then and the sea was beating hard on the rocks, the waves brought a smile that was reflected.

Then a long walk and a lot of effort was worth it.

“Something I found incredible about this place is that the sand is green ?? and that we had to walk 1 hour to get there. IT WAS AMAZING!” he hinted.

Ascencio enjoyed his session


Casandra Ascencio looks spectacular from the beach in a Fiusha bikini