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Escalation of tensions in the Middle East Ministry of Foreign Affairs GOV.BR

In recent days, Brazil has followed with concern the escalation of tensions in and around the Middle East. There have been worryingly frequent military attacks, including the use of rockets, against targets in several countries in the region, including Lebanon, Israel and, more recently, Syria, with significant damage to residential areas in Damascus. The accumulation of these incidents increases the risk of an escalation of the ongoing conflict in the Gaza Strip.

The Brazilian government urges all parties involved in these actions to exercise maximum restraint in order to prevent the spread of hostilities in the region.

The systematic guerrilla attacks on maritime transport in the Red Sea are also a cause for concern, the impact of which is already being felt on trade and global supply chains.

Brazil defends respect for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the countries concerned, in accordance with the principles of the United Nations Charter, and reiterates that only dialogue can enable a satisfactory solution for all parties involved and offer real prospects for lasting stability and peace.

The Brazilian government reiterates that interrupting the current cycle of hostilities in the Middle East necessarily requires the immediate adoption of a ceasefire agreement in the Gaza Strip and the resumption of concrete negotiations between Israel and Palestine with the aim of a twostate solution, with an economically viable Palestinian state , who lives side by side with Israel in peace and security.