Tickets for Sanremo 2024 from 200 to 730 euros where

Tickets for Sanremo 2024, from 200 to 730 euros: where to buy them QuiFinanza

The enthusiasm for Sanremo 2024 continues to grow and the race for tickets is on for the evenings of the 74th edition of the Italian Song Festival. Click Day began at 9am on Tuesday 23rd January and resulted in a virtual queue on the dedicated website with hundreds of people waiting to secure a seat at the Ariston Theater for the 6th to 10th. to secure the show planned for February. At some points during the day, accessing the portal would probably have taken 5 to 6 hours.

Virtual queues

For the 2023 edition it is almost exclusively possible to buy tickets for Sanremo 2024 via the Ariston Theater's official online box office at the address “”. Given the large number of participants, estimated at thousands of people, the last people on the site will form a virtual queue, directing users to a “waiting room” where they will be informed of wait times.

After the RAI press release with the purchase instructions, the portal was quickly stormed since the morning and was at times in disarray. A situation that led Codacons to cancel the entire sales process and repeat this over the next few days to ensure full functionality.

“Many of those who managed to pass the first phase and access the ticket purchase page – write from the consumer association – They report that they were suddenly redirected back to the “waiting room”.and again subjected to hours of waiting without being able to buy the ticket.”

“A disservice that triggers numerous protests on the Internet and that a embarrassing management about the sale of tickets to the festival – says Codacons – We ask Rai to provide explanations to the users who have been waiting patiently since this morning to get a ticket to the music event and who, in addition to wasting hours of their time, suffer a mockery. “

How to buy festival tickets

For the lucky ones who manage to proceed with the purchase, registration is required with an email address, password and entering some personal information. Each user can request a maximum of two tickets for the entire eventpayable exclusively by credit card.

Once the process is completed, the vouchers will be sent in digital form to the email address provided during registration and will remain available in the “My Profile” section of the Ariston website.

In addition to the official Ariston website, as the Sanremo Tourism Councilor Giuseppe Faraldi has announced, tickets will also be reserved for guests of the Sanremo hotels and casino, for a total of 460 seats for the hotels and 70 for the casino.

How much do tickets for Sanremo 2024 cost?

As can be seen from Rai's press release, this was the case compared to the 2023 edition The ability to purchase season tickets for the entire festival has been removed Tickets are split between the first four evenings and tickets for the final evening. As a result, the prices have also changed (here's how much Sanremo 2023 winner Marco Mengoni earned).

As always, the cost depends on the location of the seats in the theater:

  • Tickets in the audience (first four evenings): 200 euros
  • Tickets on the final evening: 730 euros
  • Tickets in the gallery (first four evenings): 110 euros
  • Tickets for the gallery on the last evening: 360 euros

In addition, the structure of the new scenography of the festival this year made it possible to have more space available to increase the number of seats in the front rows, and the areas reserved for hotels and the casino were also expanded: for the latter, carnets were created be distributed Individual tickets for approximately 5% of the total capacity for each individual structure.

Finally, among the novelties of the 74th edition of Sanremo are: It is possible to request a ticket name change up to 48 hours before the event. compared to the 72 hours of the last edition (here we explained what the economic impact of Sanremo 2023 was and here how much advertising costs during the festival).