Evelyn Beltran revealed details of her romantic breakup with Toni

Evelyn Beltrán revealed details of her romantic breakup with Toni Costa

In mid-February, Evelyn Beltrán and Toni Costa decided to publicly announce their separation. The fact was recorded after the rumors increased and the situation worsened since she deleted the photos they had together from Instagram.

The news was announced via the stories of the platform mentioned above, so both They asked for respect and understanding for the situation they faced. At the same time, they did not want to reveal the reasons that led them to leave. However, Evelyn gave more information about what happened.

Beltrán has shown on several occasions how much he loves interacting with the followers of the camera's social network. For this reason, he wanted to use this opportunity to conduct a dynamic and expected question and answer session They asked her about her love life now that she's single.

Evelyn Beltrán revealed how long she had been single after her split from Toni Costa.Evelyn Beltrán revealed how long she had been single after her split from Toni Costa.Source: Jennifer García | Mixed heat

A netizen wanted to know how much time she expected to have to heal her wounds and rebuild her love life and replied: “The time my heart needs.” My relationship ended at the end of October 2023. “I don't know what awaits me tomorrow, but at 29 years old I think it's crazy to close myself off from love.”

Before ending his comment on the matter, he added: “I've been through a lot, but it all makes me stronger. Back then, I didn't understand why everyone was against me when all I did was fall in love and give everything I had in my heart.

Toni has not commented at the moment, although a few weeks ago, when asked in “Hoy Día” about the reason for the end of their relationship, he said: “Because yes, we end like any couple, we are neither the first nor the last and what is said in the statement is what we are basically willing to share with people, the rest is our thing, an intimate and private thing that I will always respect.”

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