Polish farmers cause unrest in Warsaw and increase their pressure

Polish farmers cause unrest in Warsaw and increase their pressure on the government

Krakow (Poland), March 6 (EFECOM). – Thousands of Polish farmers demonstrated again in Warsaw this Wednesday in protests that turned into unrest and sought to increase pressure on the government, which they accuse of failing to defend their interests before Brussels.

The center of the Polish capital, which was already the scene of protests with tractors a few days ago, remained closed to traffic this Wednesday due to the massive protests against the European “Green Deal” and agri-food imports from Ukraine to Poland.

Farmers are also demanding the imposition of a total embargo on Russian and Belarusian products, a proposal that the Polish government will submit to Europe.

At times there were violent incidents that led to the intervention of riot police, such as when a group of demonstrators tried to throw a burning coffin at the official residence of Prime Minister Donald Tusk.

Although the Warsaw City Council banned the tractors that blocked the city a few days ago from entering the center, several vehicles formed barriers on avenues on the outskirts of the city.

Piotr Duda, spokesman for an agricultural group, recalled the demands of Polish producers: that Poland should not accept the energy and environmental measures of the Green Deal; to prevent the import of Ukrainian grain, which producers consider to constitute unfair competition; and block agri-food imports from Russia and Belarus.

According to him, “The European Union is responsible for only 7% of global CO2 emissions, and China or the United States do not limit their emissions at all.”

In addition to the farmers, steel workers, hunters, workers in the food sector and in trade also demonstrated.

The continuation of the protests, which will last until Friday, depends on the outcome of a meeting between Tusk and farmer representatives planned for Saturday.

For weeks, Polish pickets at various points on the Polish-Ukrainian border have prevented the passage of trucks transporting food from Ukraine, and several vehicles have been destroyed.

Kiev has officially protested against this situation and although it has suggested to the Polish government to start talks immediately, the Tusk government does not plan to meet with the Ukrainian side before the end of the month. EFECOM